OCPS ClassLink Student LaunchPad from District Laptop Guides

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I’ll walk you through step by step how to access the OCPS ClassLink Student LaunchPad using District LapTop(OCPS Device). We also offer a video about this. If you encounter any issues, feel free to leave a message, and I’ll do my best to assist you.
To view a video demonstration of steps, click ​here

Table of Contents

1. Open your preferred internet browser.


  1. ClassLink LaunchPad is compatible with:
    ○ Chrome
    ○ Firefox
    ○ Edge
    ○ Safari

2. Login to the Google Chrome Browser with your OCPS account


  1.  Logging in to the Chrome browser will automatically install the ClassLink Chrome browser extension.
  2. The ClassLink browser extension does not do anything when you click on it, but it needs to be installed to save passwords on the ClassLink dashboard.
  3.  The ClassLink extension stores passwords only for the school-issued apps that are listed on the ClassLink screen.
  4. It does not store other personal passwords, such as a parent’s email password, Netflix, Amazon, or banking passwords.
ocsp student app login

3. Enter the OCPS ClassLink LaunchPad URL in the address bar.

ocps student launchpad login

4. Enter your Username and Password and click the blue Sign In button.


  1.  Do not use the “Auto Login” button when off-campus.
  2. The username is your OCPS Student Identification
    Number. If you do not know the OCPS Student Identification Number, please contact your child’s school.
  3.  If an elementary student does not remember their password, they should contact their teacher.
  4. The password for middle Enter your Username and Password and click the blue Sign In button.
ocsp student app login

5 . Select the app you wish to access from the My Apps screen.


  1.  The My Backpack app will show the student classs chedule and beneath it the app for each class/course.
  2. The search bar at the top ofthe screen can be used to enter the name of the app..
ocsp student app login

6. Sign out of ClassLink LaunchPad.


  1.  It is very important that you sign out of ClassLink LaunchPad after each use when using a shared device.
  2. This will prevent the next student from accidentally accessing another student’s ClassLink LaunchPad.
  3. Each student may have different apps on their ClassLink LaunchPad based on the courses they are enrolled in and other specific student needs.
ocsp student app sign out

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