OCPS Calendar 2024-2025

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Are you looking for ocps calendar 2024-2025?Find Orange County Public Schools school calendars to download and print from this page. School calendars contain information about students and teachers. If you attend Orange County Public Schools, get a printable copy of the school calendar below.

OCPS Calendar 24-25.pdf

Orange County Public Schools 2024-2025 School Calendar

Day(s) of WeekDate(s)Event
Friday-FridayAugust 2-9Pre-Planning August 7 Professional Development Day
MondayAugust 12First Day of School
MondaySeptember 2Labor Day Holiday
FridayOctober 11End of First Marking Period
MondayOctober 14Teacher Workday/Student Holiday
TuesdayOctober 15Begin Second Marking Period
FridayOctober 25Teacher Professional Day, Student Holiday/Teacher Non-Workday
Monday-FridayNovember 25-29Thanksgiving Break
FridayDecember 20End of Second Marking Period
Two Weeks
December 23-January 3Winter Break
MondayJanuary 6Teacher Workday/Student Holiday
TuesdayJanuary 7Begin Third Marking Period, Begin Second Semester
MondayJanuary 20Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday, Schools and District Offices Closed
MondayFebruary 17Presidents’ Day/Teacher Non-Work Day, Schools Closed/District Offices Open
ThursdayMarch 13End of Third Marking Period
FridayMarch 14Teacher Workday/Student Holiday
Monday-FridayMarch 17-21Spring Break, Schools Closed/District Offices Open
MondayMarch 24Begin Fourth Marking Period
MondayMay 26Memorial Day Holiday, Schools and District Offices Closed
WednesdayMay 28End of Fourth Marking Period, Last Day of School
Thursday-FridayMay 29-30Post Planning

2024-2025 Prioritized Severe Weather Make-Up Days

Here is the list of dates with their corresponding priority and current use:

PriorityDateCurrent Use
1October 25, 2024Professional Day/Student Holiday
2November 25, 2024Monday of Thanksgiving Break
3November 26, 2024Tuesday of Thanksgiving Break
4November 27, 2024Wednesday of Thanksgiving Break
5February 17, 2025Presidents’ Day
6March 21, 2025Friday of Spring Break
7March 20, 2025Thursday of Spring Break
8March 19, 2025Wednesday of Spring Break
9March 18, 2025Tuesday of Spring Break
10March 17, 2025Monday of Spring Break

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