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Are you interested in becoming an ADDitions School Volunteer ? Are you looking for information on how to become a School Volunteer for OCPS? We’ll give you some help and advice about ocps additions.

Be a school volunteer​

All volunteers shall be registered and approved through the ADDitions Program according to district procedures. The principal, department head, or designee shall be responsible for approving and assigning volunteers for his/her particular facility within OCPS. –See School Board Policy IJOC School Volunteers.


To Volunteer:
  1. Select school of your choice. 
  2. Search for an “opportunity” called “Become an ADDitions School Volunteer” (MUST BE THE FIRST OPPORTUNITY SELECTED) and create a Volunteer Profile account.*
  3. Applicant can check their Dashboard for eligibility status, “My Requests” and/or “My Placements”
  4. Volunteer is matched with a volunteer opportunity
  5. Begin volunteering!
*Application is processed and subject to a background check
To register, click here.
All volunteer candidates with OCPS are subject to a criminal history check. In Florida, the entire arrest record is revealed to school districts, including sealed and/or expunged records and military court proceedings. Applicants must disclose this information even if told differently by a lawyer, judge, or other law enforcement individual. If you were given this information by a judge then those written instructions would need to be provided to OCPS. Prior criminal records may or may not result in disqualification for volunteering; however, failure to disclose this information will disqualify you for volunteering. Information that must be disclosed includes any offense that occurred whether as a juvenile or adult; therefore, all adult and juvenile offenses must be listed.
Review the Volunteer Eligibility Statement before registering to be a volunteer or partner.
The district reserves the right to require all ADDitions applicants to provide an arrest affidavit, final court disposition, and a dated/signed personal statement about any or all arrests in your background.

About OCPS additions

ocps additions
OCPS volunteers are extra-special people who are committed to making schools the best they can be. They offer special attention and caring that can inspire students to reach for and realize their dreams.
This program is a component of the ADDitions program. School volunteers work at the schools of their choice and participate in activities that match their interests, such as assisting teachers in the classroom, designing bulletin boards, working with students, serving as computer tutors, working with art classes, or helping out in the office or media center.
Every school in the county needs volunteers. From elementary to high schools to alternative and exceptional education centers, educators value the time and special talents of volunteers, and welcome them into the classroom.
Be a school volunteer and help make students’ dreams come true.

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