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Hey there! We’ve compiled many commonly asked questions about using Devices for Digital Learning with LaunchED At OCPS. It would be super helpful to share them with you. Check them out and see if they answer any questions you might have. Enjoy!

Who is responsible for lost,stolen, or damaged devices or peripherals when the laptop is away from school?

Similar to any other instructional material, the student is responsible for their device. Teachers will work with students on responsible use and safekeeping of their device.
Additionally, each device is equipped with the CompuTrace system, so stolen devices can be disabled and recovered. 
If loss or theft is suspected, parents should immediately notify OCPS by calling 407.317.3290.  Additionally, students should immediately report a lost or stolen device to their teacher. Damaged devices will be evaluated by the school to determine whether they can be repaired and what fee if any should be assessed.

What are the consequences for lost, stolen, or damaged devices or peripherals?

The consequences are outlined in the Digital Learning Agreement.

How do consequences differ for lost or stolen devices?

If a device is lost or stolen, a police report will be filed and an investigation will take place. The findings of the investigation will determine the action taken.

What if I can’t pay the fine?

If this is a concern, please speak with your school-based administrator.

How long do I have to pay the fine?

The responsible parties will have ninety calendar days from the date of assessment.

How am I notified if there is a fine?

Currently, students are notified by the school Library Media Specialist within 10 days of when they are levied with a fine just as they are with library books. Parents may be contacted by administrators if the fine is of a large sum or overdue. Students are responsible for paying all fines prior to withdrawing from school or graduating. 

How and where do I pay the fine?

Fines can be paid in the media center by cash or money order made out to the student’s school.

How will my child get technical support if they encounter issues?

Students will receive technical support from the school Library Media Specialist and Technology Service Representative during school hours.

How long does the device battery last? What if a student’s device battery runs out during the day?

Students are advised to plug in their laptop every evening at home to ensure that it is fully charged each day. When students are not using the device during the day, they will power down their device to conserve its battery life. Classrooms are equipped with electrical outlets for emergency recharging as needed throughout the school day.

What if my student moves or transfers during the school year?

Each laptop is the property of OCPS. If a student moves or changes schools during the school year, the student will need to return the device to the campus within 48 hours. All devices are returned to the campus at the end of each school year.

Can I purchase my student’s device upon leaving the school?

Currently, this is not an option.

Will my student get the same device from year to year?

This depends on the school. Speak with your school administration about this option.

If my student already has a personal device, do I need to use the district provided device?

As long as the device meets the district specifications and is registered, then the student may use the device at school. However, personally-owned devices will not receive technical support at school. Specifications can be found at

To what extent can my student customize the device?

Students may not adhere any decorative or personalizing stickers or labels to the device, which leaves residue upon removal. Students may not draw or otherwise mark the device in lead, ink, or paint.However, students may change the desktop or screen saver on their device so long as the image is school appropiate.

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